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Well, another opening has passed.  The West End Gallery show went well the other night, thanks to everyone who came out.  I couldn’t be more appreciative for people taking time to visit and look at my work.  It makes  all the time and effort feel worthwhile.

The show hangs together really well with a great deal of color and warmth cast from the walls.  One piece that drew a lot of comments is the painting shown here, a 16″ by 20″ canvas called Air of Mystery.  It has a real presence on the wall with its strong color and purple fingers of cloud reaching across the moon/sun that sheds light on the patchwork fields on the distant hills.  A blood red field that makes up the foreground adds to the mysterious feel of the piece.

I don’t really know what it means yet and, for the time being, I’m content with that.  I’m going to take a few minutes to relax this morning, drink my coffee, read the newspaper then do a little painting.  A good Sunday morning and I feel like I’m reflecting light which happens to be the title of a Sam Phillips song from several years back that always makes me stop and listen when it comes up on my playlist. Maybe it’s that line: Now that I’ve worn out the world/ I’m on my knees in fascination.  It has it’s own melodic air of mystery. It’s from an album, A Boot and a Shoe, produced by her then husband T-Bone Burnett,  that I like very much.  Here it is:

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