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Norman Rockwell Tiny Tim  I am taking a short hiatus from writing the blog just to recharge a bit.  This has been a part of my day for over seven years now and I have tried to put out something every day.  But I am a little run down at the moment , a little depleted.  I need a short break and figure this time around the holidays is the right time to put the blog on hold.  Maybe for a week or two.  Maybe more. Maybe less.

Who knows?  Nothing is written in stone and I might feel like I have something to say tomorrow or next week.

Or not.

Regardless, I send out many thanks to those who check in here regularly as well as my warmest wishes for happy holidays everyone.  Here’s hoping the New Year is a peaceful one.  May Tiny Tim’s wish come to be.

So for this Sunday’s musical selection I have chosen a holiday selection.  It’s a beautiful version of the traditional A Child is Born done by the the late jazz great Thad Jones with the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra.

Have a great Sunday and a great holiday.  I’ll be back soon…

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