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Fe fe fi fi fo fo fum
I smell smoke in the auditorium

Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown
He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown
He’s gonna get caught; just you wait and see
(Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me?)

–Charlie Brown, The Coasters, composed by Leiber and Stoller


Busy today so I am going to make this short and sweet. As much as I would like to rub salt into the wounds of the president*** and his pitiful gaggle of attendees at the much ballyhooed Festival of Victimization and Racist Pride ( that would look good on a t-shirt, wouldn’t it?) that took place in Tulsa over the weekend, I am going to refrain.

Thought I would instead simply share a song. It’s an oldie from way back in 1959 from the joyful Coasters that just felt right this morning. With apologies to Charles Schulz, here’s Charlie Brown.

Have a good day!

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A young friend of mine posted this video online yesterday.  It’s a song that I haven’t heard in many years, Down in Mexico from The Coasters in 1956.  This was their first single and was a mild hit although ost people remember The Coasters for the string of hits that followed, all written , like Down in Mexico, by the legendary songwriting team of Lieber and Stoller.  Songs like Young Blood, Yakety Yak, Charlie Brown, Along Came Jones and Poison Ivy.  A virtual soundtrack for the young ears of the time and for a generation or so beyond. 

This made me think of my nephew and his wife who have been travelling in Mexico for last couple of months, climbing volcanos and surfing before heading further south.  I thought this would be a nice jolt to waken them and everyone else on a Sunday morning. Enjoy!

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