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Yesterday, as I was working in the studio, I caught the last few minutes of the film, Tin Men, Barry Levinson’s atmospheric comedy about aluminum siding salesmen in early 1960’s Baltimore.  It’s a great film that I’ve seen dozens of times.  It never fails to make me laugh with Levinson’s always engaging dialogue and great use of deep detail throughout the film that give it rich texture and a real sense of place.

He also makes great use of the background music that adds another layer of texture to the overall feel of the film.  One of my favorites is his use of Nat King Cole’s version of the classic Sweet Lorraine.  It ‘s easy rhythm and pace makes me feel as though I were in Baltimore in the heat of a carefree summer in 1963.

Here’s Nat King Cole with Sweet Lorraine.  It’s always been a favorite of mine and I hope your day goes as smooth and easy as this song…

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