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Strange Victory

One of my favorite poems and an influence on a number of my paintings:


Strange Victory


To this, to this, after my hope was lost,

  To this strange victory;

To find you with the living, not the dead,

  To find you glad of me;

To find you wounded even less than I,

  Moving as I across the stricken plain;

After the battle to have found your voice

  Lifted above the slain.

                                                                                                 —  Sara Teasdale

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Blue Entreaty

  I delivered the Kada Gallery show yesterday.  It’s always a bit of a relief to finally get the work to the gallery but there’s also a little remorse in knowing that there are pieces that you will never see again.  This is a small painting from the show, titled “Blue Entreaty” that fits into that category.  Even though it is small, it is full of feeling.  It will be a piece that I will be sad to leave my hands.

  It’s funny.  When you first start showing your work, you want every painting to sell because you see it as a form of validation that your work has value and therefore you have value as painter.  But after time has passed and you realize that your work does have real value, you secretly hope some pieces don’t sell, that they will come back to the studio to stay. 

  But most of the paintings are destined to leave and there’s something exciting in that as well, trying to imagine the places where they will end and the people who will look upon them.  The work lives on in that way and for me, that’s fulfilling because my work is about reaching out to people and communicating our common bonds.

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