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       I don’t want to make political statements with this blog but as I watch this presidential campaign churn onward I am struck by the difference of tone in the message put forward by both parties and reminded of a question that I have been asked at several gallery talks through the years.  People often ask what my paintings represent to me and if they reflect the qualities I possess as a person.  I always reply that the paintings are a facet of my self but only a facet.  They are the part that is hope, the part that knows what and where I am now but realizes there is potentially a better life ahead, one filled with peace and wisdom.  To me, the paintings are aspirations to my best self.

     I hear that same message in one campaign.  One appeals to our better selves, the other plays to our fears. One speaks of a better future, the other clings to the past.  One gives us a goal and a vision, one tells only tells us he knows how to lead us, without giving us a clue where that may be.

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