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InvocationI’ve chose the painting to the left, Invocation, for  symbolic reasons.

Today is the last full day of the Bush reign.

For me, and many others, I feel as though we are emerging from a dark era, one that made us question our country’s ability to maintain the ideals we hold so high.

Justice. Fairness. Equality. Opportunity.

The common good.


This painting, to me, symbolizes the movement from darkness to light, the appearance of hope.  As we move forward  along the path, the tree symbolizes our prayers and hopes going out before us.

The invocation of light.  The expressed desire for  a better life, for ourselves and others.

Maybe it’s pie-in-the -sky.  But it feels so much better to have the smallest trace of hope and optimism rather than the cynicism and fear that have encompassed us for all too long.

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