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Seeking Imperfection

Seeking ImperfectionThis is the title piece from my 2001 show at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA, titled Seeking Imperfection.  I’ve always liked the title to that show (as well as this painting) and the thought behind it  which is that everything is inherently flawed in some fashion.

 I have a belief that for every strength there is a parallel, balancing weakness and that when one seeks perfection in an area of their strength, their area of weakness grows more apparent, more pronounced.  The trick is in maintaining a workable balance between these two poles.

Perhaps it’s a matter of knowing what we aren’t is as important as knowing what we are…

On a separate matter, we have solidified the dates for my 2009 show at the Principle Gallery.  It will open on Friday, June 12 with an opening reception running from 6:30 to 9 PM. It will be my 10th show at the gallery and I’ll be announcing some special things that I will be doing for this show in future posts.

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