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This is a piece that I finished in the last few days.  It’s a real throwback to my first forays into painting, done in a very watercolor way on untreated paper.  It’s 13″ by 23″ and is very transparent.  I’ve tried to maintain a certain complexity of color and strength of line yet the colors are lightly saturated, almost delicate.  I’m not sure how well this will translate on a computer screen. 

I’ve started doing a handful of paintings in this manner in order to focus on subtlety of the color and to allow the forms of the landscape and sky to carry the weight of meaning in the the piece.  It’s a tricky proposition to pull back from deep colors and texture yet still maintain strong edges.  I find that this type of painting works best with simplified forms that seemingly act as abstractions, giving the work an almost organic feel, if that’s the right word.  This feel plays well with the red tree which maintains its role as the focal point and inviting presence in the piece.

I like this work .  While it has a slightly different  appearance based on technique, it fits easily into my body of work.  There is an ethereal feel, something I strive for in much of my work,  that is enhanced by the transparency of the paint. 

Okay.  Back to the paints…

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