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Albrecht Durer- Sudarium Displayed by Two Angels

Relief of cool air on a Sunday morning.  I’m about a month or so out from my next show and there’s so much to do.  I’m itching to get at some new work that I started yesterday so I think I’ll just play a tune  today.  It’s Two Angels from Peter Case.

I’ve been looking for a decent version of this song to put on the blog and finally came across one that does it justice.  It’s been one of my favorites for a long, long time but doesn’t seem too well known.  I’m always surprised at its relative anonymity.  The good part of not being too well known is that it doesn’t get played to death, so that when I hear it it sounds fresh.  Retains all its beauty.

By the way, the engraving shown here is Durer’s Sudarium Displayed By Two Angels.  FYI,  the sudarium here is supposedly the piece of cloth that covered the face of Jesus as he was being transported from the crucifix to his tomb.  Sort of a pre-Shroud of Turin relic. 

Anyway, here is Two Angels

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