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It’s a new year, only a few hours fresh with no creases or dents or foul smells emanating.


Yeah, they’ll come soon enough but for the moment we can revel in the prospect of a new year and a new decade, clean and open to all potentialities.  Tabula rasaClean slate.

It’s a time for resolutions, promises to ourselves that we will head down the exemplary path from this moment onward.  I’ve never been big on resolutions, never felt that one can make wholesale changes to one’s behaviors or attitudes at one chosen moment in time.  If you can change now, you can change anytime.  Or so it seems.  The real matter is not the timing but whether there is the capacity for change.  And in my case, and in the cases of many others, I suspect, this capacity may be lacking.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I realize there are behaviors I possess that I would like to do away with or at least change.  But coming this far, I know I probably won’t do either.  These irritations of the character have become part of who I am and something in me conspires to keep them intact, much to my dismay as a younger man.  I hadn’t yet learned what I was and wasn’t in this world and was still saddened to learn that I often wasn’t what I thought I was.

But I have learned and set aside dismay for the most part.  I am as I am now.  For better or worse.

No resolutions will change that.


The piece at the top is titled Stratus Historum and is a small 3″ by 5″ canvas.  A little slice of time…

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