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Moonlight is sculpture.

Nathaniel Hawthorne


I find myself with nothing to say this morning.  I am still somewhat seething from listening to media reports from Tucson, hearing the new spin from those on the defensive.  It bothers me that I allowed myself to be pulled emotionally back into the fray caused by this event.  It distracts my mind and keeps me from what I want to be doing so I try to block it out.  Instead I pull up this older piece and remember it and try to focus on the feeling I take from it.

It’s a painting that I’ve always liked from the moment I finished it.  The sculptural quality of the sky  gives the piece a very three-dimensional feel and heightens the sense that it is more than a painting, more like an object.  A relic captured behind glass.  This is something I started to seek in my earlier work and have maintained up to the present day, this sense of being more than a painting of a scene.  A relic.  An icon.  In this case, I feel that it truly works. 

I am pacified greatly by this piece, as though the blues in the sky and water have an absorbent quality that pulls away the tension, allows anxiety to easily slip away.  There is simplicity here and the chaos and idiocy that appears rampant in this world is nowhere to be seen.  All is still.  All is connected.

Okay.  I’m calmer now and maybe tomorrow will bring a more interesting day for the blog.  I’m hoping.

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