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Paris Blues

Wednesday morning in the summer.  Starting some new work, looking forward to trying some new things and psuhing some other things a bit further.  Trying to focus on work and block out the debacle of our current political system, hoping that we somehow emerge from the deep, dark tunnel in which we now find ourselves.  Just writing that sentence gets me agitated.  Who needs that on a quiet August morning?

Seems like a good time to hear a little Django Reinhardt, the late great Gypsy guitarist whose music I’ve featured hear a few times.  There’s something in his distinctive playing that is both sad and happy, with a sort of weariness in even its most joyful passages.  Don’t know if that makes sense .  Guess it doesn’t matter.  His playing simply soothes.

Just give a listen to his Paris Blues and take it easy on this August day wherever you may be.

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