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Cool, wet Thursday morning and I’m ready to get to work a little before 7 AM,  I’m in the midst of several paintings and am thinking about where they’re headed, how they’ll finish.  Iam pretty focused this morning and don’t feel like taking the time away from this sometimes elusive drive but want to at least put something up on the blog.  I’ve been at this for almost three years and it has become a part of my morning ritual to the point that when I don’t post something I feel as though I am shirking my responsibility.  Or at least straying away from the discipline that this requires, which is part of the attraction of doing this. 

There’s something gratifying at doing something every day, even something as sometimes trivial  as this blog.  The idea of doing a small task each day and seeing it build becomes almost obsessive for me, something that I very seldom can do in other aspects of my life.  Maybe I’m hoping this discipline will spill over into those other parts.  Time will tell.

Time is the revelator.

Which brings me to one of my favorites, Gillian Welch, who has a recently released CD called The Harrow & The Harvest .  Here’s a taste from an appearance on Conan.

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