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Haven’t been doing the blog for the last few days due to some distractions that have been necessary.  Plus, I’ve been at a point where I honestly just didn’t feel as though I had anything meaningful to say at the moment.  There are times every now and then when the mind is distracted and slightly unfocused on those things that I normally keep in front of me, leaving me a little out of sorts and with little to say.  And I believe, even though I haven’t always practiced what I preach, that if you don’t have anything to say you should just keep quiet.  Empty words add nothing to the world.

Besides that, I’ve been doing this for over three years and almost 1100 posts and have resorted to repeating myself.  It’s sort of like being married for a long time, as I am,  and finding yourself telling and hearing the same stories over and over.  Part of you knows that this is the case even as you speak.  It can seem maddening at times but there is a comfort level in this and a reassurance that the other person must really love  you if they are willing to hear the same old dog-eared tales that have been rolled out a thousand times before. 

So, every so often, you try to say something new and different in place of those same old stories.  There’s a certain magic in seeing the other person’s eyes when you can see their recognition of the newness of the words, the thoughts.  You hope it’s enough to forgive the constant retelling of tales.

And that’s kind of where I am here at the moment.  I’m hesitant to tell the same old story to the readers, especially when I’m feeling off-center. So, I try to refocus.  I try to ignore distractions and keep my internal priorities close at hand and give them consideration and time.  Try to bring myself back to center, where the stories don’t feel quite so stale and where I can find different aspects of them that allow me to tell them without feeling self-conscious.

I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone.  All I know is that I’ve got some homework to do here.  We’ll see how it turns out.

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