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There are mighty few people who think what they think they think.

–Robert Henri


I was reading some The Art Spirit from artist/teacher Robert Henri when I went to do some research on his career.  I came across all the normal things, including the images of the numerous portraits he had painted. All good and nice.   But it was the quote above that stuck with me.

Do we really match our own images of ourselves?  Does the rest of the world see us in the same way as we imagine ourselves to be?  Do we really see our own flaws clearly or are we like the person who goes to a palmreader and believes it because they reinforce everything positive that we believe about ourselves in their reading?  Are we ever as good as we believe or as bad as others might see us?

If we saw ourselves as others do, would we be pleased or disappointed?

I suppose the ultimate follow-up to such questions is Does it matter

I don’t know why I wrote this this morning as there is no specific direction in which I’m taking this.  No answers.  No personal revelations.  Just a few words from a person in the past made me consider this. 

Oh, well.  Time to work.  But I’m sure this will be on my mind for most of this day.

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