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Bookshelf Porn

Some might think a website called Bookshelf Porn is something other than what it really is.  But if you’re like me, you probably understood at once what the name implied.   It’s the thrill of a bookcase filled with multi-colored tomes, their spines tantalizing and promising unknown pleasures if you would only take them from the shelf.   The desire to reach out and run one’s fingers over the leatherbound cover of an old book.  To smell the dustiness of the  pages as the book opens.

It may not be sexual but it certainly is sensual.

From my earliest age I have been drawn to bookshelves, from the beautiful reading rooms of our old local library to bookstores of all shapes and sizes.  It was like a portal to an outer world or an altar of worship to knowledge. The silence of the places only punctuated this feeling of sacredness. 

When I was working at jobs where I was often in people’s homes, I would always first look to see if they displayed their books or even had books at all.  I was always disappointed at the number of places that had no evidence of books.   If there were bookshelves, they had videotapes and knick-knacks.   Perhaps they kept their books in a bedroom or in the basement.  Or maybe they just didn;t have books.  I don’t know. 

But when I would come into a home and there were filled shelves, I would be almost giddy.  I would scan the spines hungrily, taking in the titles, ascertaining in a moment what I thought might be the primary interest of the owners.  Sometimes they were filled with professional journals or textbooks from their college days.  Sometimes romance novels or the popular bestsellers of the day. 

But once in a while, they were jammed with an eclectic mix of literature and art books, poetry and philosophy.  They were book and knowledge  lovers. Those were always the most exciting visits and I usually had the best rapport with the owners of these shelves.  We could usually find something interesting to talk about while I did what I had to do and we often spoke in terms we both understood, the bookshelf providing a sort of common ground. 

So, if you’re drawn to the bookshelf as I am, if you are excited by the thought of libraries or bookstores,  take a moment and check out the Bookshelf Porn site.

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