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I thought I’d show something a bit different this Sunday.  I came across an interesting little video called Gulp which bills itself as the world’s largest stop-motion animation.  Plus it’s shot entirely on a Nokia N8 cellphone.  It’s a short film depicting a fisherman and a difefrent sort of day on the ocean.  It was produced on a beach in South Wales by Sumo Science, a branch of Aardman Animations, the folks responsible for the great Wallace and Gromit films.  They are masters of stop-motion and if you’re thinking of stop-motion in terms of it being like the Gumby and Pokey films of years ago, you’re in for a big surprise.

I watched this film and found it entertaining but it wasn’t until I watched the video showing how it was made that I was really impressed.  In that film, you get a sense of the scale as well as the immense work that went into making this little charmer.  I’ve included both below.  And if you aren’t impressed with the largest stop-motion shot entirely on a cellphone, they are also repsonsible for the worlds smallest stop-motion, Dot, also shot on a cellphone.  It is a sweet little film and I mean little.  I’ll throw that on here as well.  Have a great Sunday!

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