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Last week I had a post that featured a photo of a French boy with cigarette and rooster that I found interesting.  It was from Luminous Lint, one of my favorite sites that features great and historic photography.  But I also love looking at some other photo sites that feature vernacular photography.  Everyday stuff.  Posing around the Christmas tree or day at the beach family photos that  often have an unusual quality that I’m sure  that the people who originally took the photos never expected or even noticed.  Probably the latter since most of these sites pick up most of their photos from flea markets.  Not all of the photos have any artistry at all but there is often humor, humanity or have an air of mystery around them that conjures up all sorts of possible stories about them in one’s mind.

One such site is The Boat Lullabies which is ran by the person behind Square America, a downed site that was amazing and one that I documented here several times over the years.   Then there is Accidental Mysteries from the collection of John and Teenuh  Foster which features found photos that really do have a mysterious quality about them.  Time Tales is a  neat Dutch site that features photos from around the world that are categorized into time frames.  And there’s Big Happy Funhouse  which offers found photos and free pie and GargantuaPhotos which has vintage photos for sale, including the photo below of Rivets, the terrier whose photo lists him as being the mascot of the USS Nitro in 1945.


These are all great sites where you could spend way too much time so be careful.  But do give them a minute to at least let your mind take in some of the imagery and let your imagination off of its leash for a bit.  I guarantee you will find at least one thing that will make you smile or at least feel as though you might somehow know these people or have worn that same goofy Halloween costume.

Have a great day…

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