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Here is a new painting that is part of the upcoming exhibit, Inward Bound,  at the Kada Gallery which opens October 20.  I gave this colorful  8″ by 24″ canvas a most obvious title, Bridges.  I tired different themes in coming to this title but it always came back to those two small bridges .  The bridges really stand out for me as connectors here, as though they are butterfly stitches holding the land masses  together as the stream cuts through.

The title could simply refer to the two small bridges that go over the winding stream in this picture but I tend to think of  the bridges acting as links in our continuum, links to our past and our future.  That would put the house in this scene that is between the two bridges in the present while the Red Tree would represent the future and the path in the foreground that descends to the first bridge would be the past.  The orange/red and yellow wavy fields in the center are also in the present and that makes sense as well.  Their vividness is in the now, not yet faded as they move into the past.

The other way I looked at this painting was as a  military portrait  of sorts with the Red Tree serving as the head and the stream and road acting as sashes of some sort and the alternating fields  acting as rows of medals and the house a large hanging medal of  honor. It works in my mind but I kept coming back to those bridges and their symbolism for our connectivity to the past and future.  I think I’ll stick with the simple Bridges.

Speaking of titles, don’t forget to get in your titles for the Name This Painting! contest that started yesterday.  Just come up with the best title for the painting shown to the left and you could walk away with a priceless prize package.  I’m keeping the prize a secret but I think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Hint: It’s not a Mercedes or a Maytag refrigerator.

Rules are simple: Send your titles in as a comment on this blog or email me at info@gcmyers.com by midnight of next Wednesday, October 3.  All the titles will be affixed tot he back of this painting for posterity so even in you don’t come up with the winning title, your title will live on.

So, put on your thinking caps and send me your titles!  Good luck!


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