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I thought I would show one more new painting that will be on its way to the Principle Gallery for my Gallery Talk there this Saturday at 1PM .  It’s a tall, thin piece, 4″ wide and 26″ tall on paper,  called Chanson.

This piece was painted over several weeks,  worked at whenever I had a few free moments and wanted to unwind a bit.  I started at the bottom and just let the colorful forms grow upward, letting each block of color playfully work the next.  It gave this piece a festive appearance and the feel of a confection- perhaps a colorful cupcake,  bright and inviting.

But as it finished , the forms began to remind me more of music.  It’s not something I can explain in any satisfactory way but when I look over the shapes and colors, each seems to trigger a sound, a note in my mind.

It was like a choral piece with many voices coming together within the thin parameters of the painting’s dimensions and being forced upward and channeled through the Red Tree that sits atop the stack.  As though the tree was an embodiment of the totality of the  polyphonic sound.

That’s where the title, Chanson, comes in.  It’s a French  lyric song, mainly from the Medieval times,   that consists of multiple voices.  A chant, you might say.  It seems to fit for the way I see it– a colorfully bright song of many voices that rises upward in unison.

Again, this will be at the Principle Gallery on Saturday, September 8, when I give  my annual  Gallery Talk there.  It starts at 1 PM.  Hope to see you there.

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