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GC Myers- Sending OutIn my earlier post, I inadvertently listed the closing time of the auction as midnight when in fact it is at NOON today.  Sorry!  So if you are interested, don’t hesitate.

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REcycled Runway FashionJust wanted to mention that the online portion of the auction to benefit the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes ends today at midnight [ NOON!!].   The auction finishes tomorrow with a live auction at their REcycled Runway Fashion Show, their popular annual event that features garb of all sorts made from found materials.  Shown here on the right  is a gown from last year’s show made from discarded nylon tarps that was quite a hit.  By the way, that’s my niece, Sarah, modelling the gown.  If you would like to bid on the painting of mine or any of the other items in the auction and can’t be at the event, they do have provisions for Absentee Bidding on the site where your bid will be executed by the staff.

GC Myers- Sending OutShown here on the left is the painting that I am offering for this event is titled Sending Out .  It  is 12″ by 16″ and is  painted on linen.  I consider it one of my iconic images, with the blowing Red Tree in a heroic stance.  For me, it’s message is one that is relevant for this event, one of feeling the need to connect with the outer world and having your voice heard.  For many, art is that thing that allows this connection is the primary reason for  my support of our local arts council.

As I wrote in my earlier post about the auction, I feel that our local arts council, the Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes, serves a vital service in our region, which is primarily a rural area with a dwindling industrial base that has not seen an economic boom in my lifetime.  There are not a lot of opportunities for aspiring artists here and it can seem like an impossible dream at times for many artists.  But the Arts Council offers them a sliver of hope in pursuing their dream.  It educates, it informs and it seeks out opportunity for the artist.  As I wrote earlier, it has served me well in my own career and for that I will be forever grateful.

So, if you would like to help out an organization that is dedicated to helping others find their voice or simply would like to  get an original piece of art at a possible bargain price , please take a look at the online auction.  Thanks!!!

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