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GCMyers- Strands smHere’s a new piece for my upcoming Principle Gallery show, a 6″ by 22″ painting on paper, that I call Strands.  It has a series of pools climbing upward toward another pool (or lake or sea) that has a distant horizon line while the Red Tree looks on from a hummock.  I’ve used this theme of  rising pools in the past year and find something really appealing in it, both from a design and an interpretive perspective.

I call this piece Strands because of the dual nature of the word strand, which can either be the land adjoining a body of water or a thin fiber.  The land part is obvious here but it is actually the path running upward between the pools that caught my eye.  I began to see the land here as representing the whole of the land forms on Earth and the pools as both the actual  bodies of water of the Earth as well as the genetic pools which we all sprang.  The path then became a connector between these pools, these beginnings of people.  Like a strand of DNA with the fields alongside acting as markers that designate an individual’s makeup.  The larger body at the top takes on greater significance, representing the infinity of time and space in its horizon.

Of course, as always, I must point out that this is just my own reading of this painting and even that is only conditional.  Sometimes, I look at this piece and  simply see a pleasant landscape with pleasing colors and forms.  And that is certainly good enough for me.

Maybe a cigar is sometimes just a cigar, as Freud is reported to have said.

Hey, this painting is shaped like an upright  stubby cigar.  Or is it?


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