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labyrinth_sketchI am on the road today, visiting my good friends at the Kada Gallery in Erie.  One of the paintings that I am taking out to them has a distinct labyrinth-like pattern in it, a twisting maze that always captures my attention.  I love the idea of  it as an analogy for many of us for the journey through this life, seeking an unseen, and often unknown,  goal.  We travel ahead on a path that takes twists and turns and often we find ourselves feeling as though we are within reach of that central goal only to find that the next turn has taken us as far away as we can imagine.  And vice versa, we often feel adrift and lost only  to suddenly find that the goal is suddenly there before us.

There’s something very balancing in thinking of life in this way.  You become wary of the highs and lows, knowing that one’s fortune  can spin on a dime.

Here’s an interesting video showing the constructs of several different labyrinths, all accompanied by a chorus with a basso profundo that gives the whole thing some real weight. Enjoy and make  a labyrinth for yourself!



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