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GC Myers- Close to the CenterHere’s another new piece, a 16″ by 20″ canvas that I am calling Closer to the Center for the moment.  I came to that title because when it seemed to me that the trail which runs along a ridge above the valley reminded me of  the path through a labyrinth or a maze  where the person  moving along the trail that winds in and out  is often taken to points where they are so tantalizingly close to the destination that they feel their journey is almost complete. But  they have, in fact,  quite a journey ahead of them.

That’s what this piece brought to mind for me, the light and richness of the valley acting as a destination, a final point.  You can continue on the ridge path with the  lush valley still in sight or you can opt to take  another path that may take you further from the center but will bring you to your intended destination sooner.  Or it may take you to another point altogether, one that you never envisioned  from the trail.  That is the decision that must be made– which path do you follow?

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labyrinth_sketchI am on the road today, visiting my good friends at the Kada Gallery in Erie.  One of the paintings that I am taking out to them has a distinct labyrinth-like pattern in it, a twisting maze that always captures my attention.  I love the idea of  it as an analogy for many of us for the journey through this life, seeking an unseen, and often unknown,  goal.  We travel ahead on a path that takes twists and turns and often we find ourselves feeling as though we are within reach of that central goal only to find that the next turn has taken us as far away as we can imagine.  And vice versa, we often feel adrift and lost only  to suddenly find that the goal is suddenly there before us.

There’s something very balancing in thinking of life in this way.  You become wary of the highs and lows, knowing that one’s fortune  can spin on a dime.

Here’s an interesting video showing the constructs of several different labyrinths, all accompanied by a chorus with a basso profundo that gives the whole thing some real weight. Enjoy and make  a labyrinth for yourself!



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This is a painting that I’ve been working on for the past several days that I’m calling Through the Labyrinth for the time being.  This piece, a 24″ by 24″ canvas, is part of what may be a new series for this year.

I see this series progressing as a group featuring the look of my typical landscape with a patchwork of fields consisting of blocks of saturated color and random geometric patterns.  I really want to maintain  a rhythm in these fields and make them feel natural and easily translatable to the eye.

By that, I mean I want to take something that when looked at from a purely analytical stance may not be totally natural or rational and make it appear to be so within the framework of the painting.  There’s an example of this in this painting, one that I have used in the past.  If you look at the sun, you recognize it as the sun.  But when you stop and think about it, this sun defies logic.  It is darker than the light emanating from it.

This was initially done without forethought and didn’t even occur to me until a couple of other painters pointed it out.  It always translated naturally in my head as the sun, the light source, despite its comparative darkness.

This is the type of visual translation I want to continue with this next possible series. At this point, it’s still only a possibility.  I’ve worked on a couple and have another one, a large piece, taking shape in my mind.  It’s all a matter of maintaining a natural, organic flow through the piece that creates an environment where the viewer is made comfortable and secure, allowing them to accept it as a credible reality.  This sense of trust allows the piece to take on a real sense of place.

We’ll see how this goes.  This piece is a good step forward.

At least, I think so…

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This doesn’t have a lot to do with the day to day aspects of painting but it has much to say about how I see the journey we call life.  The path to the center leads through twists and turns and sometimes one feels tantalizingly close to the goal at hand only to find in the next moment that you couldn’t be further from it.  The idea, to me, is to maintain equilibrium and keep your eyes ahead on the path before you.  Do not be distracted by things that you cannot control.

To learn to draw your own labyrinth, click here.

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