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GC Myers- The Prodigal SightI OD’d yesterday.

No, not on drugs.

Talk.  Straight, pure, unadulterated talking.

I gave my Gallery Talk yesterday at the West End Gallery to a group  people who just let me keep going on and on, sometimes egging me on with questions and comments that opened up new veins of info.  Enablers, that’s what they were.  By the time I was home, I was physically wiped out from all of the talking.   Seriously.

But, all kidding aside, I think it was worth it.  The talk went very well thanks to a wonderful group of folks who chose to spend an hour or two with me at the gallery.  They were attentive and inquisitive, asking questions that allowed us to cover a lot of material.  If it was a successful talk, it was all due to their good graces.  I send out a hearty thank you to everyone who attended.  You certainly made my task easier and for that I am truly appreciative.

We also had a drawing and awarded the painting above, The Prodigal Sight, to Steve M. from Corning, someone who I have known through the gallery for many years but did not yet have a painting of mine.  This was a painting that had only shown once a few years back and had remained with me in the studio since, along with a mere handful of pieces from each year that had returned to stay with me, their qualities yet to be discovered and enjoyed by someone willing to take them in.

Orphans, of a sort.

I commented that these pieces that stay around for a bit become so familiar and fond to me, more so sometimes than the more wildly successful pieces that quickly leave the studio and galleries never to be seen again.  I noticed that the frame on this piece had a slightly darkened edge where I had picked it up in the same spot many times over the past few years.  Seeing this made me realize how often I do gaze at these few pieces in the studio that haven’t yet found homes, wondering why the things I see in them haven’t become obvious to others.  I imagine that is how a parent sometimes feels about their child, seeing their better qualities above their flaws.

Anyway,I am glad that this piece has found a home, one in which I am sure it will be highly regarded.

Again, thank you to everyone who came to the West End Gallery yesterday.  I truly enjoyed my binge but now I am off to rehab in the quiet of my studio.  It’s a strictly”no talk” zone today.


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