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GC Myers  Sea Call My annual show at the West End Gallery in Corning ended yesterday which leads to the question: What’s next on the horizon?

Well, for starters, next Saturday, September 7, I will be at the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA for my annual Gallery Talk there. It’s normally a pretty good time with some laughs and, hopefully, some real information passed along.  If you’ve never been to one, don’t expect a lot of technical mumbo jumbo that might scare you away.  Oh, be assured, I will answer any question about technique  but I try to focus more on the stories behind the work.  Motivations, meaning and emotional content.  And maybe a story or two.

Plus, as in the past few years, there will be a free drawing for one of my original paintings.  I try to make the work that I give away special and this year’s piece is one of my favorite orphans.  It has meaning for me and hopefully will as well for whoever takes it home.  So, if you’re in the Old Town area next Saturday afternoon, stop in at the Principle and maybe win a painting.  I If you don’t win, I’ll try to at least make the time seem  well spent.  Hope you can make it.

After that, my focus will turn to my final show of 2013, which will open November 23  ( my early morning mistake– it is actually the 16th!) at the Kada Gallery in Erie, PA.   I’ve been showing at the Kada since 1996 and  owners Kathy and Joe DeAngelo have always done a great job for my work and my shows there, so I always  do my best to provide some very special work.  This year’s show is titled Alchemy and I promise that there will have some interesting work to support that title.

I will, of course, provide more details in the upcoming months.

For the moment, that is what in store for the next few months.  Got to get to work!

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