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FredThis is Fred.  He is currently occupying a guest room in my studio, taking up more of my time than I ever imagined when our paths crossed a few weeks back.  But it’s okay because he’s my boy, for now.

We were taking a long walk three weeks ago on a country road near our home.  It was a sunny but brisk day with cool temperatures and a breeze that promised a cold evening.  As we headed down the hill, heading back to our car, we heard a sound , a strained meow of what had to be a tiny cat.  It was faint but it was as though it was yelling out to us.  Looking down we saw this little guy.  Our gazes met and he immediately had second thoughts about summoning  us and tried to scamper away, crawling up a small bank and heading into the bushes lining the road.  Cheri followed him up the bank and picked him up when he collapsed from the fatigue of the effort of his escape.

He was tiny, about 12 ounces in weight and only a few weeks old.  He was obviously undernourished and his eyes were matted and most likely infected.  He could barely lift up his head in Cheri’s hands.  We looked around and saw no signs of any other cats or possible homes for him and determined that we should get him to our vet.  It was a good thing because, according to our vet, he would not have survived the cold temperatures of that night.  His body temperature was perilously low when he arrived at the vet and he was dehydrated.

Fast forward, it is  three weeks later and Fred is prospering.  He is my guest for now until he is strong enough to become the companion for my brother-in-law Jon’s cat, Lucky, who has been my guest here at the studio on a regular basis.  Lucky is named for the good fortune she had in being thrown from a passing car into Jon’s lawn just as he came outside.  I’ve always thought that Lucky needed a companion and now she will have one.  That is, if I can give up my boy Fred.

Fred is a joy.  He was neat from day one, learning to use his box without any effort on our part.  He has grown strong from our hours of play each day and is bright, learning new things every day.  I am teaching him how to play Scrabble today.

I am not a cat person, as a rule.  I like them but my heart doesn’t melt as it does when I see dogs, especially certain types of dogs like Corgis or Beagles.  But Fred is winning me over with his loud loving purr  when he first sees me and theabsolute joy he takes in our play.  It’s going to be hard to see him go but I know he will be exceedingly happy and well cared for in his new home.  Plus, he will be back periodically with Lucky to stay with me.

Besides Fred, we have three cats now who have all found their way back to our home in the woods , all somehow either discarded or lost.  That doesn’t count all the others who have come and went in the years we have been here.  People, be responsible– take care of your animals!


For the story of two feral cats, Partner and Black & White, who came our way, read this post from a few years back.


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