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GC Myers-Ode to Whitman

“Ode to Whitman” Will Be the Prize in a Free Drawing Saturday!

I am running around today, trying to arrange everything for my quick trip down to Virginia tomorrow  where I will giving my annual Gallery Talk at the Principle Gallery in Old Town Alexandria, which starts at 1 PM.  A little framing and some paperwork  then hopefully I can concentrate on my talk although if you’ve read this blog for long you know that I generally speak off the cuff in these talks, trying to create a conversation with the audience that allows them to sort of dictate what sort of information comes out.

Sometimes that means talking about technique, which is okay but not my favorite thing to stay on for long, mainly because I think it is a limited subject of interest for the whole audience.  I just can’t imagine anyone be overly interested in my choice of brush or paint unless they themselves paint or unless these things themselves are the focus of the work.  But I will talk about anything including technique though I prefer to talk about creativity, about motivations and influences, those things that propel the work forward regardless of the how-to aspect behind it.

I am always a bit nervous about these events.  It’s not just the nerves that come with talking before a group of people– that’s understandable and easy to work past.  Rather, I worry about sometimes sharing too much information, revealing more of myself than my work, as revealing as it often is, has shown.  I sometimes beat myself up on the ride home over things I have said during these off the cuff talks, wishing that I hadn’t told this story or that story about my life.   I often wish I were that mysterious artist who just produces the work without a word.  But that is not the path I followed as an artist.  I let my life be part of my work, my memories and emotions as integral to the work as the paint or the brush.

What I am struggling to say here is that I never know what i will say which is sometimes  a scary thing but sometimes makes for an interesting talk.  I guess you’ll have to come out tomorrow to see what I mean.

And…. if you do come to the show you can enter a free drawing for the painting at the top, Ode to Whitman, a 12″ by 24″ painting on canvas that was the subject of my blog a few days ago.  Plus, there will a few more  small surprises as well.  So I hope you can make it tomorrow.  1 PM, Principle Gallery, King Street, Alexandria Virginia.

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