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Principle Gallery Charleston interior Nov 2013It happened a couple of months back but it’s now official: the Principle Gallery Charleston has opened.  Located on Meeting Street in historic Charleston, SC, the gallery formerly known as the M Gallery of Fine Art made the transformation to its new name under the Principle Gallery banner last week.  They had ran for the first two months with the M Gallery name as the gallery was previously obligated under that name to hold the annual exhibit of the American Impressionist Society, a huge show with around 200 paintings.  But once that show came down, the move to the Principle Gallery name was made.

This expansion is an exciting move for owner Michele Ward.  She brings her keen eye and her principled approach ( that’s where the name originated) to business to the Low Country and I think the residents of  the Charleston area will quickly understand why the Principle Gallery has prospered and grown in Alexandria over the past two decades.

Principle Gallery Charleston exterior Nov 2013It’s exciting for me to see the Principle Gallery grow.  I have been with them since they made their initial move to  their present King Street location in early 1997.  They were a great gallery even in those earliest days with a wonderful roster of artists.  But  the gallery never remained static  in its approach and has continually strove to expand the quality and reach of the work it represents  As a result, the Principle Gallery name has become nationally known and is a destination gallery for many artists.  By that,  I mean  it is a gallery that most artists would place on their wish list if they could choose where they could exhibit their work.

That being said, it makes me appreciate so  much the nearly 17 years I have exhibited with Michele and her gallery.  Without the encouragement and opportunities I have received from the Principle Gallery and Michele, I am sure my career and my life would be very much different at this point.   I owe much of any success I might have now to this gallery and it is gratifying to see it rise to new heights in a beautiful new space in a great city.

I am sure they will be a big hit in Charleston.   Congratulations and all the best wishes for you , Michele!  



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