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5 Pointz Long Island CityI was looking for a diversion from the cold and snowy weather that refuses to release its grip on us when I came across this short video that gives a brief (it’s only three minutes!) history of art.  It’s obviously not comprehensive and done with tongue firmly in cheek so don’t be too critical if they miss an -ism or two along the way.  All I know is that I would much rather be watching this than going out to plow, which is next on the agenda.  So I am going to watch it again and put off putting on my boots for a bit.

The image I chose for this post is a commuter’s view of 5 Pointz in Long Island City, NY.  It was an old factory complex that became a haven and showcase for graffiti  artists until recently when developers took over and began transforming the space as the area undergoes gentrification.  That is the short version of what has become the 5 Pointz controversy as graffiti artists and aficionados try to preserve this space and the art therein.  I just thought the image was striking in the way the imagery changed and enlivened the whole feel of what was a dilapidated space.  Such is the power of art.

Have a great day and enjoy a short journey through the history of art.



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