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selfie-atop-the-princess-tower-by-alexander-remnevI am getting ready to start a very busy Friday as I am in final preparations for my solo show at the Principle Gallery. The last few details on a couple of paintings and assorted other tasks are on the agenda but I wanted to share this photo that was on TwistedSifter. It’s from a young photographer, Alexander Remnev, who was vacationing in Dubai. Remnev is a fan of rooftops and was touring the lofty rooftops of the soaring skyline of Dubai. He and friend went to the very top of the Princess Tower, which at 101-storeys and 1358 feet tall is the tallest residential tower in the world, and took this incredible selfie.

It’s a pretty amazing image, filled with striking details.  I think Mr. Remnev deserves the title as King of the Selfies until someone can knock him from his high throne.  You can see more of his high wire shots of Dubai at his LiveJournal blog.

Okay, on to the work at hand…

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