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GC Myers- Shine Your Light

GC Myers- Shine Your Light

I’ve written a number of times here about giving talks at the different galleries where my work is shown, where I speak for a bit and field questions.  It usually ends up as lively discussion,  like a conversation between friends .

And sometimes there’s a little more, a little extra as a show of my appreciation to those folks there who have supported my work over the years and those who think enough of it to spend an hour or so at the talk.

This coming Saturday, August 9th, I will be giving a Gallery Talk at the West End Gallery in Corning.  And , yes, there is an extra to be had at this talk that starts at 1 PM and runs for about an hour or so.

There will be a drawing for  a painting from my studio along with some other surprises at this Gallery Talk so if you’re in the Corning area this Saturday, please come in to the West End Gallery on Market Street.  Maybe you’ll leave with a painting!

PS– It is not the painting shown here, Shine Your Light, which is part of my show,  Layers , now hanging at the West End.

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