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A Little Bathroom Art

toilet-paper-roll-faces-by-junior-fritz-jacquet-5Many artists are offended to find their art in the bathroom of someone they know.  But French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet can find his art in any bathroom he enters.  You see, Jacquet is a paper artist, inspired from an early age by origami, who creates art from discarded toilet paper rolls by folding, squishing and manipulating them into faces.

He then coats them with pigments and shellac, bringing life to the expressive faces.  He has created a series of 40 of these faces which he has titled Masks.  They are wonderfully creative uses of material, taking something that is considered trash and transforming it into something that seems alive. 

For me, they most resemble an assemblage of congressmen.  There is a joke ( or two or three) in there somewhere but I am going to leave that to your own imagination and political leanings.

You can see more of this and the other works of Junior Fritz Jacquet on his website.

toilet-paper-roll-faces-by-junior-fritz-jacquet-7 toilet-paper-roll-faces-by-junior-fritz-jacquet-9 Toilet Paper Rolls Junior-Fritz-Jacquet toilet-paper-roll-faces-by-junior-fritz-jacquet-3

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