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our-solar-system-in-perspectiveI cam across this wonderful graphic from San Francisco based artist/illustrator Roberto Ziche that does a wonderful job of contrasting the sizes of the planets in our solar system with our sun.  We earthlings are represented at the bottom by that tiny third marble from the left.  If you are tired of all of the dogma, ego and hubris you’re bombarded with on a daily basis, just take a glimpse at this and you’ll be reminded of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of all things.

To give this even more impact, the graphic above doesn’t even deal with the vastness of the emptiness between the planets and the sun.  However, the graphic at the bottom gives us a little more perspective on this front.  You could take all of the other planets in our universe and they would fit in the space between our Earth and Moon.  With almost 5000 miles of room to spare.  We are tiny and far from most anything.

For some, the realization brought on from seeing this might be one of terror, of feeling powerless and miniscule.  That’s understandable but I don’t necessarily see it that way.

We are what we are and we exert influence in our own personal universe.  We may be but a single letter in a word in a sentence in a book in a  library in one city in one country in this entire universe but on that page in that book, our presence can be be vital, affecting everything surrounding us.

Regardless of the scale, we can be vehicles for positive action in our own small universes.

But if we begin to think that we are of more significance than any other letter or word on that page in that book in that library, we need only look at this image for a reminder of where we truly fit in.

You can get a high resolution 27.1 PNG version of the poster above at this site.



The distance between the Earth and the Moon filled with all of the other planets

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