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PunchingTimeClockNot a big fan of Daylight Savings Time.  Oh, I don’t mind the falling back part of  “Spring Forward, Fall Back.”  Anything that seems to give me another hour sounds like a good idea.  But to suddenly be erasing that hour at one appointed time in the spring puts this morning person on edge.

Oh, I know it’s a small thing, that it is only the appearance of losing or gaining time relative to a clock and that I will probably waste well over an hour today alone.  I can’t dispute that.  Maybe it’s that this image of losing time is a reminder of our short time here.  I am at an age where I have crossed that line where I see time as a finite and quickly dwindling resource as opposed to those days in my youth where time seemed to be a vast and infinite ocean of never-ending moments.

Time seems to matter a bit more now.

I thought for the Sunday morning music selection this week that I would stick with this theme of time.  To that end , here’s the 1967 classic Time Has Come Today from the Chambers Brothers.  It is real symbol of the feeling of that time and maybe any time where there is a call to action.  Plus it just has a great sound.  I don’t know if it was produced by The Bruce Dickinson but it has plenty of cowbell for all of you out there who need more cowbell.

Have a great Sunday and spend your  time wisely.



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