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st_patrickI have much to do this morning but thought I would take a moment on this Saint Patrick’s Day  to play a bit of traditional Irish music.  There’s always the temptation to play some America-Irish song that is now attached to our celebrations here which have evolved from a celebration of the Irish saint into an excuse for a one-day drunkfest for obnoxious folks regaled in Kelly green plastic derbies and Mardi Gras beads.  But I thought today deserved something a little more true to the timbre of the day.

I’ve always been drawn to the sound of pipes from a round the world and the uillean pipes of Ireland have a uniquely sorrowful yet sweet sound.  It produces what can described as a mournful wail which fits in well with an aspect of the Irish character.  Here’s a tune called, fittingly, Eire played by a master, Liam O’Flynn,  of the uillean pipes which differ from thetypical  bagpipe in that they are not blown into by the mouth.  The air that flows over the reed to create the sound is produced by a bellows that is pressed against the player’s body by their elbow.

So enjoy a bit of true Irish music and enjoy the day whether you are Irish or not.  Now where did I put that plastic derby?


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