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Smarter Every Day Backwards Brain BikeCame across an interesting video from Smarter Every Day, a science based website from aerospace engineer Destin Sandlin that, in his words, attempts to find the unexpected.  This video concerns a bicycle made  with a gear that turns the wheel in the opposite direction.  That sounds simple enough and I am sure most of you who have rode a bike think that you could master riding this bike fairly quickly.  Just a little concentration and a push of the pedals and you would be off, maybe a little shakily at first but on your way.

Not so quick.  

It turns out that there are so many factors at play in riding a bike that are hardwired into our brains once we learn how to ride one that dramatically altering any one of them makes riding a bike almost impossible, as you will see in this video.  A very interesting example of the way our brain learns and adapts. Or not.

Take a look for yourself:

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