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Thank You Card- Susan Ferrito sm

The image above is from a Thank You card I received the other day.  Looking at it reminds me of one of those perfect days like we had yesterday, one of those late winter days where there is plenty of sun and comfortable temperatures.  Perfect for walking amid the remaining snow, making the troubles and worries of the rest of the world slip away for a short time.  A perfect day for one of those rare moments.

The Thank You card was from my friends. Tony and Susan Ferrito, for a small favor I had done for them. Susan made the card based on my paintings and I think it came out tremendously well.  I particularly like the dark ring around the sun.  Thank you, Susan– I will display the card prominently here in the studio!

So, being Sunday morning, the obvious choice for my musical selection is  Perfect Day from the late Lou Reed, this one with an interesting animation.  I thought I had played it here not too long ago but when I looked it up I found that it had been almost exactly six years ago, during the Winter Olympics of that February in 2010.   I guess there’s no sense worrying about wearing out such a great song by playing it every six years.

So, I hope you have  a perfect day of your own on this fine Sunday.  Enjoy…

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