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ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh10Since 1936, every September, the Dutch town of Zundert holds the world’s largest  flower parade, the Corso Zundert.  This past September the parade honored the 125th anniversary of the death of Vincent Van Gogh, the town’s most famous native.  Each of the floats is primarily comprised of locally grown dahlias, although other local flowers are not prohibited from use.

While the photos from the parade are spectacular, I am sure they don’t give us the real sense of size and sheer visual impact.  There are a couple of floats, one with stacks of Van Gogh’s chairs,   that I saw briefly in a  short film on the parade for which I could not find images.  But the one’s below give a sense of the variety and creativity that are part of this parade.

"The Potato Eaters" in dahlias

“The Potato Eaters” in dahlias

ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh5 ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh6 ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh7 Corso Zundert 2015

This is Gauguin confronting Van Gogh

This is Gauguin confronting Van Gogh

ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh8 Zundert-Van-Gogh-16-1020x610 ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh3 ZundertFlowerParadeVanGogh2

This float opens into a sunflower (see the photo below)

This float opens into a sunflower (see the photo below)


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