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Dare to Know


Prejudice may be trusted to guard the outworks for a short space of time, while Reason slumbers in the citadel; but if the latter sink into a lethargy, the former will quickly erect a standard for herself. Philosophy, wisdom, and liberty support each other; he, who will not reason, is a bigot; he, who cannot, is a fool; and he, who dares not, is a slave.

William Drummond, 1805


The last line of this quote [ he, who will not reason, is a bigot…] from Scottish philosopher William Drummond is often mistakenly attributed to Lord Byron. Whether it was Drummond or Lord Byron doesn’t really concern my use of it. But its words ring true in these times where those who know better refuse to reason sensibly, where those without  an ability to reason follow those who play to their foolishness, and those that dare not to step forward to speak against fools and bigots is forever enslaved to these same fools and bigots.

Dare to reason. Dare to know. Dare to speak up.


The painting at the top is a piece from last year that remains a favorite of mine. It is titled Dare to Know.

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