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William Blake- The Ancient of Days ca 1821


If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.

William Blake 


On yet another gloomy morning in what seems to be an endless parade of gray and rainy days, the only infinite this morning I am seeing is infinite dreariness. On a morning like this, a few pieces from William Blake seem like the right choice to ponder.

The work of British poet/printmaker/painter William Blake (1757-1827) seems drastically different from the work of his contemporaries in the early 19th century. It went beyond representation and dealt with a metaphysical reality/unreality with which most artists of the time were not dealing. Much of his work deals with a complex mythology revolving around Urizen, a godlike figure representing reason and law.  He is shown in the famous image shown at the top of this post and in the first below.

To be honest, I can only pretend to understand his work at the most basic level. But his visual work and his writings have a definite attraction for me.  It remains vital and interesting work, forever tinged with the mystery of the ages.

And that mystery is something to ponder, especially on a dreary, rainy morning.

Maybe this rain is attempting to cleanse those doors of perception?

I’ll let you know if anything shows up…

Urizen Worshipping Before the World He Has Forged

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