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A House of Lies

I think the 14th century Persian poet Hafiz had it right. We live in and with our words. Our words give us shape and form. Our words, as Hafiz points out, build our house.

We are looking now at a house, a white house if you will, that is built not with the strength of truth but rather with the inherent weakness of over 10,000 lies. It has been built primarily by one builder but he has had many assistants who have willingly chosen to add their own lies to the structure. Many of these assistants were once known as reputable builders who, for some unknown reason, have decided that they would now hang their reputations on this creaking, ugly structure built on inferior materials and a faulty foundation, one perhaps built by shady foreign contractors. Instead of using the solid strength of truth they have opted for building with rotting beams of lies, glossed over to only look like they possess strength and lasting power.

But beams that are made from lies, like beams built from rotting wood, are doomed to fail and weaken the structure. Maybe even bring the whole house down.

The only thing that might save us now are building inspectors who can put a halt to this doomed project. Unfortunately, many of the inspectors have willingly chosen to approve of the structure knowing that it is built on lies. They, too, have decided for some unknown reason to place their reputations and their legacies on a structure that is not built to survive for too long.

My question today is this: Why do these builders choose to continue to move ahead with their seemingly endless supply of lies when they are continually being exposed as weak and dangerous to the structure and why do some of the inspectors continue to turn a blind eye and give their approval?

All the new lies and all the false certifications of approval that are added each day cannot bolster this groaning structure.

Some say that we will all be injured if this house falls and that might be true.

But far more of us will suffer if it stands and becomes the house in which we all live.



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