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Icons & Exiles on the Road

On the road today, off to deliver the work for my Icons & Exiles show that opens Friday at the Octagon Gallery at the Patterson Library in Westfield, NY. It’s out in the rural reaches of far western New York, where the foothills of the the Alleghenies flatten into rolling plains that take you to the shores of Lake Erie.

It’s a different sort of show for me, one that allows me to show my most personal work, much of which has not been shown in public for twenty plus years, if ever. There’s a certain exhilaration in seeing this lesser known work that makes it a bit different than my normal shows. It should be an interesting show.

Have a good day. Here’s an appropriate tune for cruising those long empty stretches of highway out in western NY. It’s Canned Heat  with Going Up The Country.

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