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Well, we are this much closer to having a Gallery Talk this year at the West End Gallery.

Here’s what we have so far:

  • The Talk will be streamed live online via Zoom
  • It will be streamed from the West End Gallery
  • The Gallery Talk will take place next Saturday, August 22, beginning at 1 PM EST
  • The traditional Free Drawing for an original painting of mine will take place at approximately 2 PM EST
  • The Talk will end at 2 PM but there will be a short Gallery AfterTalk for any additional Q&A for those who wish to stick around
  • There will be a pre-registration for the drawing 
  • The Drawing will be limited to the first 100 registrants

We decided on streaming from the West End Gallery simply because it would be easier to handle the technical aspects of the streaming, especially since this is a new experience for both the gallery and myself. Plus, just having a few folks on hand will take away that feeling of talking to myself that I sometimes get when talking to a camera.

I had mentioned doing a Studio Tour and if this works out satisfactorily that is definitely something I will consider for the future. It opens up lots of avenues to explore going forward.

Full details will be coming in the next couple of days so keep yours eye open.


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