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Journey of Light

The Dark of Night is a temporary condition.
It always departs.
The Darkness remains only if we refuse to open our eyes.
Open your eyes.
Look for the Light.
And if there is no Light, Become the Light.

I often don’t show some of the commissioned work that I do. I don’t really know why but that’s just the way it usually works out.

But I thought the two paintings above that I recently completed for a couple in Arizona deserved to be shared. I really enjoyed working on these paired pieces, titled Journey of Light, at a time when I needed some joy. It seems like carving light out of the blackness of the treated canvas was just the symbolic gesture I personally needed to restore my faith in things I know to be true.

Sometimes simply doing the  work has that way of reinforcing those beliefs as well as the confidence I require to continue.

And the fact that they went beyond my expectations in doing so makes me appreciate them even more. So, maybe I am being a bit too proud in showing them, but I thought they needed to be seen. Plus, they paired well with some words that I wrote back in late 2016 that I also felt deserved to be shared. 

So, keep your eyes open. Become the light, folks.

Have a good day.


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