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Well, the first week of 2021 is behind us.


The horror show that was 2020 lasted for what seemed ten years. 2021, thus far, seems intent on carrying on that legacy.

So much craziness has taken place in such a short span of time that things that have momentous ramifications get thrown aside. I mean, I can hardly believe that it has only been five days since the now notorious hour long phone call from the president*** to the Georgia Secretary of State was first revealed. It seems like it was a month ago.

The elections in Georgia that swung the balance of power in the Senate and opened up the field for what is possible by the incoming Biden administration took place Tuesday, a mere three days ago. Three days! 

And it was just the day before yesterday that the incited insurrection took place at the Capitol where five citizens died, including one law enforcement officer. 

And yesterday, amid the ever increasing calls for the resignation or impeachment of the president*** of this country,  over 4,000 Americans died from covid-19. 

4,000 souls. 4,000 families. In one awful day in a week that did it’s best to outdo the high bar set by the year 2020.

I don’t know what the coming week or weeks will bring but I am more than a little apprehensive.

I’ll get back to you on January 21, in what will most likely feel like several years from now.


Here’s a great tune from Alabama Shakes to let you know that we can get through the next few weeks. It’s Hold On.

Hold on, folks. We can get through it.

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