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Partners in Peace

GC Myers- Partners in Peace 2021

Partners in Peace“- At the West End Gallery

Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth.
Lead me from despair to hope, from fear to trust.
Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace.
Let peace fill our hearts, our world, our universe.
Peace. Peace. Peace.

Peace Prayer, From the Hindu Upanishads

I thought this new painting, part of my current show at the West End Gallery, paired well with the Hindi prayer of peace above. It is a loose translation, of course, of one of several such peace prayers. But its simple directness is on point for me and for how I look at this painting which has a somewhat idyllic naturalism.

A kind of built-in tranquility that comes across easily.

And because it states its case so simply and clearly, I am going to leave it at that this morning. Maybe I will add a song. Here’s Peace Train from Cat Stevens. It was a favorite of mine back in the day and holds up well, both the song and its message.

Not a bad way to start the day.

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