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Bold Dreams

GC Myers-  Climb Ever Higher

Climb Ever Higher“- Hanging Now at West End Gallery

It was possible in this wonderful city for that nameless little boy -for any of its millions- to have a decent chance to scale the walls and achieve what they wished. Wealth, rank or an imposing name counted for nothing. The only credential the city asked was the boldness to dream. For those who did, it unlocked its gates and its treasures, not caring who they were or where they came from.

― Moss Hart, Act One

I like this passage from the autobiography of playwright Moss Hart. I would like to believe that the boldness to dream was the only thing needed for success.

Of course, you have to add the ability to work harder than many others to achieve that dream along 

Maybe throw in an openness to sharing your dream with others, including those who might either help you achieve that dream or tell you that it will fail.

And that means you must possess the ability to shed the opinions of those who criticize your dream or those who can’t visualize it. Or use than as fuel for the inner fire needed to achieve that dream.

Then add a willingness to fail time and time again.

The boldness to dream gets you to the bottom of the hill. It’s up to you to get up it. There will be those who will recognize what you are trying to do and give you a hand up.

You will see others along the way up that hill, people whose wealth and names and connections have placed them higher on the hill while you were still at the bottom. They have a head start, no doubt. They should be used as targets, milestones that you overcome and pass.

But be courteous to those folks you pass, even the mighty and haughty among them, because at some point you will meet them again. It’s not always a one-way trip. You can try to keep slogging up that hill but sometimes you will have time when  you will slide back down it.

That’s when willpower comes into play. You see, the dream is only realized if you get back up and keep at it.

And when you reach the top of that hill, find the next higher hill and climb it. And if there’s not a hill, make it for yourself.

Well, that’s my pep talk for this Friday. Maybe it felt appropriate because of the Olympics opening taking place tonight. Lot of folks climbing their own high hills there in Japan, even in these difficult times. Just another obstacle for them to overcome.

We should all be so bold in our dreams…

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