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Hasten to the Light

9922104 Hasten to the Light sm

Hasten to the Light– Included in Little Gems at the West End Gallery

A bit of a mashup today with a new small painting, a Shel Silverstein poem and a Warren Zevon song.

The painting above is Hasten to the Light which is part of the annual Little Gems show at the West End Gallery in Corning. 

Shel Silverstein Needles and Pins

Shel Silverstein- Needles and Pins

The poem and illustration above is from the Shel Silverstein book, Falling Up.

The song below is Hasten Down the Wind from the late Warren Zevon with accompanying vocals from the also late Phil Everly. Zevon wrote the song but most folks associate it with Linda Ronstadt who made it the title track of a popular album in the 70’s.

The connecting thread between these three pieces is the expression of a restless desire. Oh, and the use of the term hasten in two of them. And the allusion to sail and sailing in two others.

I am sure there are other connections one can find in the three but let’s just leave it at these and enjoy all or some of the three, okay?

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